WBN has been established in 2012 with a vision to build an ecosystem that integrates a comprehensive set of capabilities with a network of leading business technology providers and innovative business consulting firms, where the pillars of development, proficiency, and enrichment create the necessary force to push businesses toward success, and this has been only achieved by working closely with several partners regionally and internationally, and through WBN Group affiliates and offices in UAE and Egypt and representatives offices globally.

With professional practices and high-level of expertise, the road to success is easily completed with WBN, where risks are reduced, business issues are challenged, and all solutions are introduced through the latest technologies. WBN will stop at nothing but to aid you in achieving all your business objectives.


At WBN, our goals revolve around catering our clients’ needs and addressing all challenges head on.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be business success enablers for our clients, leveraging technology in generating innovative business models.”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide a longstanding commitment to support our clients to achieve their business objectives by providing world-class services, using cutting edge technologies.”