Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a suite of tools for managing enterprise content, which mainly involves the management of documents, e-mails, records, along with digital assets and multimedia; such as videos, audio, or images, as it helps businesses run their organizations more smoothly and efficiently.

Beyond doubt, ECM has become an essential part of any company’s data storage and process management, and here is why;

    • Security – Documents in any organization are regarded as reference to financial and non-financial data of strategic importance.


    • Legal – Physical documents can be used as reference in a legal dispute, hence the need of cross-referencing digital documents with their physical counterparts to ease the retrieval of physical documents.


    • Cost Reduction – The cost of managing digitized documents is significantly lower than the management of physical documents.


    • Planning – Digitizing the documents of an organization, allowing easier access to old information for efficient and effective planning.

WBN Offers Integrated ECM Capabilities And End-To-End Services, Including;

Document Management System (DMS)

The process management of electronic data developing them to structured documents; such as pdf, tiff, Microsoft Office formats, etc.; depending on the types of document formats utilized by companies.


Through innovative products and services, OpenText accelerates the journey to cloud computing. It is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and to provide information technology as a service (ITaaS), delivering a fundamental transformation of cloud computing.

Case Management/Business Process Management

It involves the solutions provided to;

Visualize functions and work procedures

Determine the appropriate measure of business sustainability

Analyze various simulations to determine an optimal improvement

Select and implement business development

Monitor and control the deployment of real time operations

Revamp business processes from scratch for enhanced results