IT Consultancy


Transformation enables organizations to serve their customers in new ways, extend their global reach and operate more efficiently. The range of digital technologies available today have the capability to change how we do almost everything. For this reason technology teams in every enterprise have a critical role to play in supporting their business to successfully realize its digital vision.

SEGMA Technology offers advisory services that can help your technology teams in their journey. We have the proven experience in engaging our consultants, combined with our industry insights, methods and technology acumen ensures the right transformation solution to our clients:

    • Business Transformation
      To improve the Customer Experience through adopting proper business insight, which will consequently increase the revenue generation.


    • Technology Transformation
      Enhancing the organization capabilities has to go through architecture evolution for the scattered IT components (Application, Infrastructure, and Data). Selecting the right architecture and technology will help the organization to achieve CAPEX reduction and meet the targeted Return of Investment.


    • Operational Transformation
      Performing holistic assessment covering the four aspects of an IT Operation (Platform, Process, People, and Tools), and guide the decision makers to apply the recommendations towards improving the IT KPIs’ and optimize its OPEX.

Professional Services


In today’s rapidly changing business environment organizations need to deliver change faster. The complexity involved in managing increased levels of change can create a dilemma and consequently cause a costly failure. Positioning your organization to deal effectively with continuous change is therefore essential. SEGMA Technology has extensive experience supporting organizations to successfully adopt large-scale, complex IT change and transformation initiatives. We appreciate what drives change and have gained valuable insights into how it can be managed successfully. We have distinguished proven experience in offering the following Professional Services:


Application Development (ADM) & Customization

The company disparate systems had to be integrated, their existing applications needed to be updated and customized as well as complemented with new functionalities. This is essential to meet technological roadmap and business expansion plans. Application Development requires a qualified partner who can share their vision, quickly grasp their sophisticated technical requirements, and professionally implement cost‐effective solution. SEGMA Technology experience within the industry frameworks, best practices, standards and the development of a comprehensive Application Delivery framework and methodology has provided us with capability to cover end-to-end life cycle Application Development Services including:

  • Business requirement gathering
  • Solution design
  • Application development
  • Application deployment and testing
  • Overall development project/programme management



The success of a modern, digital enterprise is often determined by how effectively IT and business work together to deliver services that meet the expectations of their end users and customers. We have proven experience in delivering Integration Services through analysis, design, development, and testing of integration solutions (i.e. TIBCO, IBM MB, Oracle Fusion, etc..) which helps the organizations to:


  • Reduce Time to Market (TTM) and time for processing.
  • Integrity of the environment and consistency of the data across the different network elements.
  • Reach to the full functionalities like Digital Channels, Front-end Channels, Payment Gateways, etc.



WBN CORPThe emergence of digital technologies combined with increased customer service expectations makes testing and quality assurance more challenging and important than ever before. SEGMA Technology testing and quality assurance services help organizations address such challenges. Our testing methods are well structured and easily adaptable. We deploy modern testing techniques and tools such as:


  • Collect test requirements.
  • Create test strategy and planning.
  • Conduct test execution including (Functional, SIT, Integration, Regression, Sanity, E2E, Data Migration, Stress, UAT).
  • Raise defects to the vendor and manage the vendor response.

Our testing values includes aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Identify and re-mediate defects as early as possible in the transformation program.
  • Incorporate timely and transparent reporting and metrics.
  • Automate testing as much as possible.

Managed Services


When IT Business executives responsible are looking for a qualified partner to take IT management off of their hands, SEGMA Technology works to address not only their current challenges, but more importantly, the challenges coming down the road. We approaches an IT managed services engagement with a standard framework that is tailored to meet our clients’ unique business challenges. A key to success including:


Managed Services Solution Design

We develop the right-sized solution taking care to address a client’s specific pain point using the most appropriate delivery methods and technologies. In our total IT Management service catalogue we manage, maintain, and support your entire IT operations including:

  • IT Service Desk
  • 24×7 Monitoring & Event Management
  • End-user Services
  • Infrastructure Managed Services
  • Application Managed Services
  • Managed Business Operation Services



Managed Services Delivery

Minimizes business disruption through our seamless transition approach, running the operations through powerful IT best practices framework, applying structured change management, and establishing clear lines of communication, escalation and governance.



Continuous Improvement

We develop a tailor-made IT operations road map with our clients to plan for future improvements in advance over four aspects (People, Process, Tools and Platform).


Level 3 Support Services


Provide you with comprehensive technical assistance and support resources to help you maintain your product, optimize performance, and effectively coordinate with different technology vendors. Our goal is to make sure your systems are always up and running and your issues are resolved timely and accurately.


Support Service Catalogue

Our service catalogue includes the standard different tiers of support;

  • 24×7 Unified Service Desk
  • On-site product/Infrastructure support
  • 2nd line centralized technology experts
  • Vendor Management

BSS Automation


BSS dashboard is a portal that bridges the gap between Technical & Functional layers of any BSS system. It is purely a customizable portal according to the need of Business dimensions.

The necessity of BSS Dashboard in latest digital world is extremely pivotal over the other available BSS monitoring, as the other solutions can only provide the monitoring agents encompasses only technical alarms. While BSS Dashboard is a customizable portal that can be integrated with any BSS Solution, and can provide key such as:

Development Portal as it can host many non-core routines. This feature can be utilized to avoid CRs, as the outers of application can attach to web-services of any system and the needed functionalities can be achieved through out-of-box solution, to enables the operator to facilitate in-house developments in less time & cost along with standard quality checks.

Reconciliation within and across different BSS platforms, along with graphical representation of the results.

Reporting automation of various real-time business reports based on operator demand and needs. In addition to that, Dashboard can generate required reports on scheduled basis.

24 x 7 online monitoring of different BSS systems including (CBS, CBIO, Geneva, TABS, Siebel, etc.).

Alarms customization based on business needs, as the dashboard can be integrated with any agent/script/tool to pop-up alarms on GUI or broadcast through SMS or Email.

Business Intelligence


Cloud computing , mergers and acquisitions make the big data is a big challenge , Companies are just discovering how to leverage their customer data to manipulate it into something meaningful . To succeed, an enterprise like yours needs to develop an ability to sense these changes, and thus respond to them quickly and smartly. SEGMA TechnologyBusiness Intelligence & Performance Management service help your enterprise get agile, adaptable and efficient

Client Challenges

  • Growing volumes of organizational data and the ability to leverage it effectively in less time and with more certainty
  • Absence of consistent master data, enterprise information and systems to manage the same
  • These in turn lead to the following:
  • Ineffective business process/performance/predictability management
  • Inefficient utilization of technology models/architectures and coupling
  • Lack of optimization in resource utilization
  • Uncertainty and hence, degradation in the quality of service
  • Non-compliance issues

What SEGMA Technology Provides

  • Strategic Offerings: BluePrint, Scorecard, HealthCheck, Planning and Budgeting, Due Diligence, Financial Consolidation, Maturity Assessment Business Process Analysis, Business Case Modeling and Capacity Planning
  • Tactical Offerings: Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Architecting, Data Mart Consolidation, Data Quality Management, Dashboard Management, Metadata Management, Performance Engineering, Data/Text Mining Document Management, Services Management and Knowledge Management
  • Operational Offerings: Competency Center, Multi-site Rollout, Factory Services, Lifecycle Services, Testing Management, Sustenance Services, Testing Factory, Training Services, Migration/Upgrade and Change Management

Business Value

SEGMA Technology helps you optimize and monitor business processes on a granular level. This could lead to at least 10% increase in operational efficiencies and up to 90% reduction in cost for adapting to new regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Converge business intelligence and knowledge management through real-time integration
  • Quickly re-orient your business processes at a granular level in response to business environment changes
  • Predict and improve the quality of service
  • Have the ability to easily adapt to current and new regulatory needs