DigiGate© Advanced Capture

DigiGate© Advanced Viewer Tool is a powerful utility for popular file types like PDF, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD files, …etc. And can be accessed directly from our document management system or integrated with other DMS solutions.

DigiGate© Advanced Viewer Tool is used to display documents and annotations you have permission to see. It is accessed from a Search Form Criteria and Searches Results Table or by selecting a document from the search results and open in the Search Results Toolbar. Additionally, all metadata associated with a document is displayed in the Properties panel of the viewer, and all actions taken on a document are displayed in the History panel.

The viewer can switch between a basic mode, used to view documents and annotations, and an advanced mode, which additionally allows you to add and edit annotations, provided you have the security permissions to do so. You can specify which mode to use by default in the Preferences settings.