DigiGate© Artificial intelligence Engines

DigiGate© Artificial intelligence Platform is a create innovative AI platform for all digital transformation solutions, taking advantage of the decades of breakthrough AI technology researches responsible AI practices, and flexibility that AI offers to build and deploy intelligent solutions. 

Access high-quality vision, speech, language, and decision-making AI models through simple API calls, and create advanced machine learning models to enhance your frameworks.

DigiGate© Artificial intelligence Platform advantages for specialized AI services for business:

  • Modernize business processes : with task-specific AI  to solve common scenarios.
  • Accelerate development: with built-in business logic that enables you to launch solutions in a short time.
  • Run responsibly anywhere: with security that extends from the cloud to the intelligent edge.

DigiGate© Artificial intelligence Platform is a platform for building, training, and machine learning models deploying to enable :

  • Create and deploy models at scale: using automated and reproducible machine learning workflows.
  • Innovate responsibly: with a rich set of built-in responsible capabilities to help you understand, protect, and control data, models and processes.
  • Build your way: with best-in-class business work-flow for your frameworks with multiple languages.