DigiGate© Intelligent Data Extraction

DigiGate© Intelligent Data Extraction Extraction module detects and extracts fields of interest based on the document type and adds it to the document metadata.

DigiGate© Intelligent Data Extraction packed with functionalities to help customer manage his complete data integration process effectively and deliver analytics ready data in timely effective manner:

Flexible Schema Management & Evolution

  • Automatically creates, maps, and updates your destination schema with the source. 
  • Customer can switch to custom schema mapping and make required schema changes and then switch back to automated mapping.

Inbuilt Transformation Capabilities

  • Set up models and workflows to automatically prepare customer data for analysis post loading it to the data repository.

Inflight Data Formatter

  • Customer can set up data formatting functions to clean and standardize his data inflight while loading it to his repository without any delay in pipeline performance.

Scales with Minimum Latency

  • Automatically scale with an increase in data volume without affecting your pipeline. Because it is built to handle millions of records per minute with minimum latency.