DigiGate© Intelligent Document Capture

DigiGate ©  Intelligent Document Capture Module is advanced with deep architecture that allows capturing any data from almost any source available whether it’s APIs, network storage, mail, directory watch…etc. Intelligent capture is the process of identifying and extracting critical information from incoming paper and electronic documents without extensive guidance from a user. When leveraged in combination with content management or business process automation software, organizations can use the extracted data for digital routing and delivery of relevant documents.

DigiGate © Intelligent Document Capture Module not only takes a digital image of your documents only but also automatically enhances it and decodes any of its associated barcodes. 

DigiGate © Intelligent Document Capture Module can read and classify a document and then automatically capture critical information directly off the page using optical character recognition, intelligent character recognition, optical mark recognition, and barcode recognition with the ability to extract machine-printed and hand-printed text. Once captured, the extracted data is validated before the content is shared with other systems.

DigiGate © Intelligent Document Capture Module has extraction rules built in, so the engine understands how to find specific information on specific documents automatically.

  • Maximum productivity
  • Ultimate Scalability Covering the current entities and more entities in the future
  • Our system optimizes the current network to the fullest without adding any pressure on it.
  • Our system provides the highest quality images with the lowest space 
  • One-step-scan bulk process