DigiGate© Intelligent Documents Classification

DigiGate© Intelligent Documents Classification reads the document and classifies it to its respective type based on its content as per customer requirement, even from PDFs, images, or any other types, and auto-classify documents based on characteristics—structural, textual, or both—to streamline customer content management operations. Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence-based technologies to enable layout-, object-, and content-based classification. Enable access to contextual information to ensure smarter decision-making, improved productivity, and better customer experience.

Document Identification and Organization

  • Identification of document type and processing of high volume of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents
  • Automated organization, sequencing, and classification of documents, to eliminate labour-intensive, manual processes

Layout-, Object-, and Content-based Classification

  • Layout- and object-based classification to classify structured documents based on visual patterns, logos, symbols, and more
  • Content-based classification to classify semi-structured and unstructured documents by inspecting important keywords in the text and identifying relationships between them

Machine Learning-based Classification

  • Trainable, machine learning technology for continuous improvement of classification accuracy
  • Dedicated model training tool, to easily create, train, and deploy new classification models

Streamlined Service Request Processing

  • Classification and grouping of customers’ documents for faster processing of service requests
  • Easy integration with core business applications, content management platforms, and document capture applications