DigiGate© Intelligent Documents Recognition

Wouldn’t it be great if software robots could understand documents? To extract, interpret, and process data for you, even from PDFs, images, handwriting, and scans? DG© Intelligent Documents Recognition Engine helps your robots do just that. Delegate more of your digital paperwork with a boost from our engine that has Artificial Intelligence [AI]. 

Your documents come in many layouts and formats. But whether they’re fixed forms or unstructured ones; whether they contain handwriting, checkboxes or signatures; whether they’re rotated, skewed, or low-resolution— DG© Intelligent Documents Recognition Engine Robots can handle them.

Automate more processes—from start to finish

Before Document Understanding, automated workflows required humans to step in and process documents manually. Now you can teach robots to handle an entire process. Humans only need to check in to validate data or handle exceptions.

DigiGate© Intelligent Documents Recognition is:

  • a document Understanding framework enabling the processing of different document types and structures using Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Learn how to pick the right classifiers and extractors for your use-case.
  • Practice building an end-to-end Document Understanding workflow.