DigiGate© Intelligent Voice Recognition

DigiGate© Intelligent Voice Recognition is an advanced intelligent, powerful voice technology  The voice recognition tool dramatically expands the data entry productivity by converting the voice text talking into text editing. That supports the long text documents that need to be edited fully.  

The version supports Arabic perfectly with self-learning technology for automatic accumulative enhancement.

Speech recognition technology allows for hands-free control of smartphones, speakers, and even vehicles in a wide variety of languages. It’s an advancement that’s been dreamt of and worked on for decades with the goal of making our lives simpler and safer.

DigiGate© Intelligent Voice Recognition follows advanced technology steps for how speech recognition technology works:

  • A microphone transmits the vibrations of a person’s voice into a wavelike electrical signal.
  • This signal-in turn is converted by the system’s hardware sound card into a digital signal.
  • The speech recognition software analyses the digital signal to register phonemes, units of sound that distinguish one word from another in a particular language.
  • The phenomes are reconstructed into words.
  • To pick the correct word, the program must rely on context cues, accomplished through trigram analysis.

DigiGate© Intelligent Voice Recognition uses different models to build a speech recognition system in order to enhance the accuracy:

  • Acoustic: Take the waveform of speech and break it up into small fragments to predict the most likely phonemes in the speech.
  • Pronunciation: Take the sounds and tie them together to make words, i.e., associate words with their phonetic representations.
  • Language: Take the words and tie them together to make sentences, i.e., predict the most likely sequence of words (or text strings) among several a set of text strings.

Algorithms can also combine the predictions of acoustic and language models to offer outputs the most likely text string for a given speech file input.

To further highlight the challenge, speech recognition systems have to be able to distinguish between homophones (words with the same pronunciation but different meanings), to learn the difference between proper names and separate words (“Tim Cook” is a person, not a request for Tim to cook), and more.

DigiGate© Intelligent Voice Recognition advantages:

  • Leading Accuracy: 
    • Arabic Automatic Speech Recognition
    • +4,000 hours of content provided by our partners
  • Powerful Dialects Detected:
    • Representing 19 out of 22 Arab countries and more than any other international provider
    • Covers roughly 95% of Arabic speaking market
  • Flexible Deployment options:
    • On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Solutions
    • For privacy, security, and flexibility
  • Trainable and Customizable Platform:
    • Improve accuracy and train on customer data
    • Self-learning machines to accumulate enhancement and accuracy

DigiGate© Intelligent Voice Recognition premium features:

following major premium features for the intelligent voice recognition engine:


Multiple Audio Types

wav, mp3, m4a, acc, and more

Time Stamps

Words include timestamps


Identify multiple speakers

Speaker Detection

Detect and link speaker with text


Improve accuracy, train model from your data


Punctuation prediction model

Real Time and API

Multiple ways to use access platform

Flexible Deployment

Cloud, on-premise, hybrid (private cloud)

Language Switching

Arabic/English/French recognized in the same sentence